Thursday, March 27, 2008

Only at BYU

Any of you heard of a little online video website called YouTube? It's pretty much the fastest way to broadcast yourself to millions of people (hence the name). I just had to share a little piece of celebrity with my friends: Introducing my Bro Justin. He's the man, and yes, people, that's a ginger ale he's chugging!

Bad Idea

So today after picking up the kids at daycare, I had to make a deposit at the bank. Cam sits on the same side of the truck as me and often rolls his window down for a better view when we're at a drive-thru of any kind. Well, the nice teller at Wells Fargo decided this cute little boy needed a lollipop. I didn't realize she sent one out until after Cam had seen it in the tube. Thinking quickly, I removed the sucker from the tube and placed it in the console. I had no intentions of giving it to Cam since there was only one lollipop and two kids in my backseat. For those of you who have never been a sibling or had children, you can't just give on of them a lollipop. That's cause for WWIII. Anyways, Cam innocently asked "is that sucker for me"? I said "No, it's not for anyone. They only sent one and that's not fair for you to get one if Mara doesn't." Then I had the bad idea. I said "I have and idea!" I thought that it made perfect sense (what was I thinking) to let Mara have the sucker and get Cam and I a sno-cone to share. Guess what happened? Mara chomped down the sucker, getting blue goo all over herself in the process, then proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs until Cam shared our sno-cone with her. The worst part is that I had almost 10 minutes of driving with them fighting over who's turn it was to have a bite of the delicious peaches and cream mess. Surprisingly, they didn't get any on my backseat, thanks of course to all the junk between their car seats.

Moral of the story: Just ask the teller to give you another lollipop for your second child.

So Far So Good

This isn't so bad. I mean look- I already have two posts and 3 comments from friends. Well, Justin isn't really a friend, he's my brother which obligates him to leave a comment, but nonetheless-things are working out here at blogspot.

Thought I'd put a couple of pics up for your viewing pleasure. Spring weather has arrived here in Central Texas. Cam's tractor has been taken out of the garage, and this year we have something new to watch instead of him doing circles in the backyard. Now he hauls Mara around in circles with him. It's especially funny when she tries to get out before he stops. Oh wait...I'm the mom. That shouldn't be funny. Anyways, it brings me great joy to have children that are capable of entertaining each other. You know, takes the burden off of me. That was a joke...kinda. We tried to get Mara to drive, but she's still a little uncoordinated. She's got the sitting in the seat down pretty good now, but we're working on the pressing the accelerator and steering part. More updates on that as she progresses. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I can't believe I'm doing this....

Call it peer pressure, envy, boredom or simply choosing to do something other than study for yet another test- I'm blogging!

This first post is really just a trial because, to be honest, I don't know if I'm doing it right. If all goes well, I will now be able to chronicle the ups, downs and side-to-sides of my little family's life.

In a big way this in for those of you who have been ignored/pushed asside/forgotten since I started nursing school full time. I'll try to update this on a semi-regular basis. It is a speaking-to-the-masses tool that in theory will improve my communication with each of you. We'll see how it goes.